How to update the Check box field based on data from another App?

Is there a way to make Check box fields draw line items from a separate app?

I would like to have the names on my attendance sheet automatically populate from a different App that contains all enrolled students.
Attendees change somewhat frequently, and it is taking my users a while to manually enter names into a Lookup field to find them.

Let me know if anyone has a solution.

Hello @mmenke ,

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Check box field to draw fields from existing App

What do you mean by draw fields from existing App?

Are you looking for a way to grab data from a Student Database App and update the Check box fields within Attendance Sheet App?

A diagram of your current situation and the desired outcome would be very helpful.

it is taking my users a while to manually enter names into a Lookup field to find them.

I will assume you have tried using the Lookup field (which is my first suggestion for your use case).
What went wrong with the Lookup field method?

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Essentially, yes. Do you know of a way?

Lookup Field is not ideal for us

The trouble with the lookup field is that the after-school coaches have to type in each of the students’ names which requires them to have a separate list of student names to reference.

Also, they have to spell the names correctly which can be time-consuming.

On top of this if they know the last name but it is a common last name they will have to choose from dozens of options, slowing them down further.

Hi @mmenke,

While this may not be the most fitting process you desire, we have a native plug-in called Partial field search.

It allows the user to perform a partial word search of specific fields.

Could this work out for you?
Please check it and try it.

Partial Field Search:

I hope this helps.

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Hey Sean,

Thank you for your response and for showing me this. I do not think that it quite solves the issue that I am having with our after school program but I have several other apps that this might help to improve.

I am happy to have learned this.