New line in calculated Text

Hi everyone,

I would appreciate some guidance on including a new line in a calculation. I’m new to Kintone, working on apps through a browser interface, and comfortable with code and calculations in general.

This is for a calculation in a Text field, as the source for a PrintCreator layout. My calculation includes multiple fields concatenated with static text, like this:

“Asset: “&asset&”/”&"Asset ID: "&asset_id

I’d like the output to display a new line where currently there is “/”, like this:

Asset: [asset field]

Asset ID: [asset_id]

I have searched online for “newline”, “new line”, “return” and “paragraph” for Kintone calculations and not found any reference to calculating a new line. I took a chance on \r, , <BR/>, ¶ and a copy of a return copied from text, wrapped in quotes and unwrapped, with no luck.

Is it possible to include a new line in a Text calculation? If not, I’ll format the PrintCreator layout accordingly. 

Many thanks in advance–

Katherine Russell
Melbourne, Australia

Hello Katherine,


I assume that the auto-calculation in the Text Field is doing the character concatenation, but you cannot enter a new line.


The Text Field itself does not allow line feeds, so it may be necessary to use the event after the record detail screen is displayed to create a new line feed string and overwrite the Text Field with that string.

The Text Field is not directly set to a value, but only the display is processed.

If you want to use the native features only, you can use multiple Text Fields.

As a reference, if you reduce the width of the field, the line will be automatically broken, but I’m not sure if this is what you want.