querySelectorAll() not working on Kintone mobile version

The following codes are working on the Kintone desktop version, but not on the Kintone mobile version. Here I want to select all the text fields that have “input-text-cybozu” class and are not “disabled” inside a table.

let tblOne = document.querySelectorAll('table.subtable-gaia')[1];
let tblOneInput = tblOne.querySelectorAll('input.input-text-cybozu:not(.input-number-cybozu):not([disabled])');

How to solve the problem?

Hello annaylee,

Like the other post you asked, I can’t see the whole script, but I assume the reason is that you are specifying classes that don’t exist in a mobile version.
Check the other post for details.

Thank you

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your assistance. It is getting better now.
But I still have questions about getting the document.querySelectorAll() to work.

If I use the document.getElementsByClassName('subtable-row-gaia');
it will return me all table rows as an HTMLCollection. I want to select all the input text fields that are inside of table rows and are not disabled.

I got an error saying querySelectorAll is not a function.

let tblZeroInput = document.querySelectorAll('.subtable-row-gaia  .forms-text-gaia');

for (let i = 0; i < tblZeroInput.length; i++) {
  tblZeroInput[i].addEventListener('click', function (e) {
    if (e.target.value == checkMark) e.target.value = '';
    else e.target.value = checkMark; // toggle
  }, false);