The value of a Text Field not showing on Detail Edit Page

I have a text field with the field code “hidden_text”.

The console.log() is showing the value of “hidden_text”.

But it is showing up on the Detail Edit page.


Console.log() debug …

  1. est_trip_mileage: {type: ‘SINGLE_LINE_TEXT’, value: ‘’}
  2. fri_total: {type: ‘CALC’, value: ‘11’}
  3. grand_total: {type: ‘CALC’, value: ‘49’}
  4. hidden_text: {type: ‘SINGLE_LINE_TEXT’, value: ‘…AAAEEEEAAAQQQQACBJAX+B8Sify9+NqxmAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC’}
  5. hours_table: {type: ‘SUBTABLE’, value: Array(2)}