What is the import and export limit for the kintone Command Line Tool?

Does anybody know the import/export limit for the kintone Command Line Tool?https://developer.kintone.io/hc/en-us/articles/213149247/

The code on Github here shows the following:

const IMPORT_ROW_LIMIT = 100
const EXPORT_ROW_LIMIT = 500

so I thought the export limit was 500, but I manged to export more than 500 records from my kintone app with the tool. Anybody have a clue?

Hi Akira.

EXPORT_ROW_LIMIT means The maximum number of records that can be retrieved with the Records API Per once.

When you export more than 500 records,I think the tool internally issues the API more than once.

(And it is done automatically)

Hello Akira!

Regarding th limits of import/export for the kintone Command Line Tool,
it is basically what Minoru said. Because both processes implement infinite loops so there are actually no limit to it.

Each process does have a limit to how many it can obtain in a single loop on the script like the following:
 const IMPORT_ROW_LIMIT = 100
 const EXPORT_ROW_LIMIT = 500

However, the loop will continue until all processes are complete, thus, the number actually does not matter.

Minoru, Yuzo

Thanks for the explanation! The import_row_limit and export_row_limit  codes were bugging me, but your explanation makes sense now. Thank you so much! :smiley: