Why is there a 50 column restriction on CSV/Excel imports?

I’m evaluating Kintone for my company and so far things look promising but I need forms to have more than 50 fields.

Is the 50 column restriction limited to the trail or is that a system restriction?

Is there some kind of work around?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Michael

The reply to your comment was posted few days ago by my colleague, but I’m not sure why it got deleted…
I will repost the reply.

This is a system restriction.
You can not create an App from a CSV/EXCEL with more than 50 columns.
You can check other requirements for creating an App from CSV/EXCEL files in the link below.
For a work around, you can try the following.
*For example, assume there are 80 columns in a file.

  1. Edit CSV/Excel file to have 50 columns
  2. Create an App from above CSV/Excel file
  3. In the Form setting screen of the created App, add the remaining 30 columns of fields
  4. Import data from CSV/EXCEL into the created App
    Hope this will help.

Hello Arai-san,

Thank you very much for your help.

Sorry for my delayed reply.