Too many fields on app


I am in the midst of transferring a very lengthy Excel spreadsheet to Kintone.  It has 5 different tabs on the Excel Spreadsheet with 50 to 700 lines per page.  I had 3 out of 5 pages done (the shortest 3), and was working on page 4 when it told me I had exceeded the amount of fields authorized.

I am wondering now if perhaps each tab could be a separate app then all connected. 

I have been using the Conditional Formatting Plug In to create the 5 buttons on the top representing the 5 tabs on the spreadsheet.

Any and all suggestions appreciated. 

(BTW, the last page is the ‘report’ so wondering if at least this could be a separate app but would need to be linked to others.)

Thanks, Karen







Hello Karen,

Can you check the following features to see if they can help you connect apps?

  1. Lookup Field

You can configure Lookup Fields to map fields from one application to another.

  1. Related Records Field

A Related Records field automatically pulls in records from an application to the single record of another, based on a matching key field.

  1. Action

With App Actions, you can create an action to copy record data from a source app and then create new records in a specified destination app.

Thank you,