Where can we place buttons in kintone?

I was just reading through the Tips on placing buttons onto kintone on these articles
Add Buttons (Record List)
Add Buttons (Record Details)

Are these the only areas we can place buttons?(the record list header, record details header and record details space field)
I know I could forecefully place a button somewhere, like next to the record title if I retrieve it’s element, but I understand that it’s not recommended since the class name of that element could change on an update.


Hello Akira,

It’s pretty much what you mentioned. It’s not recommended to use elements other than the one provided by kintone.

Including the one you already stated, the following is the overall list of the kintone element that you can place buttons: (For details on its exact location, go to the link provided below)

Record - https://developer.kintone.io/hc/en-us/articles/213148957/
 Header (kintone.app.record.getHeaderMenuSpaceElement)
 Space Element (kintone.app.record.getSpaceElement)
 Mobile Header (kintone.mobile.app.getHeaderSpaceElement)

Record List - https://developer.kintone.io/hc/en-us/articles/213148937/
 Header Menu (kintone.app.getHeaderMenuSpaceElement)
 Header (kintone.app.getHeaderSpaceElement)
 Mobile Header (kintone.mobile.app.getHeaderSpaceElement)


Thanks for the confirmation! I knew I was missing something, and it was probably the element I could get with kintone.app.getHeaderSpaceElement .

Understood about the mobile as well. I didn’t realise I would need to set a different function for the mobile…but come to think about it, makes sense.

Thanks a lot!