Calling Balance from Last Bill

Hi Guys,

I need some help guys I dont know how to call balance from the last transaction and put it on the the Balance from Last Bill on the current transaction. Do you have any idea how to call it? see below image for reference.


Thank you in advance.

Are you calling API from within Kintone or from an external server?

If the former, at what timing do you want to call the last transaction?

Please share what you have tried so far.

what I mean is the current record/field will hold the previous balance or the balance from last bill. How can I call it?

Hello Muhaymin!

I don’t know at what timing you want the record to call balance from the last transaction,
but you can use the GET Record API to get the previous record data.

Kintone Developer Program - Get Record

And these are the list of events that exist in Kintone.

Kintone Developer Program - Event Handling

From what you have written, maybe the Record Create Event might be your choice, but depends on how you want to do it.