Conditionally Count Row Tables

I have been using the sample code for row count and was successful. I have tried to use the sample code on the post titled “Conditinally Count Row Tables” and I have not had any success. I fills all my fields with 0, or watever number I make the number in this part of the code:

| //Count the number of rows in the table |
|   | var array_of_table_rows = eventobj.record[TABLEDATA].value; |
|   | var sunny_count = 0, cloudy_count = 0, rainy_count = 0; |

Hi Ashlee,

Could you please verify that you’ve set the field codes of the Table and the Weather Drop-Down Field to the same values as found in the code?  The table should have the field code “TableField” and the Weather Drop-Down should have the field code of “WeatherField”.  Please also check that each value in the Drop Down menu is set to ‘Sunny’ ‘Cloudy’ or ‘Rainy’, as the code checks if the strings are equal when counting.  A different string will result in the row not being counted correctly.  If none of these fix your problem, please let me know!