Customize add (+) and remove(-) button of table

when i create and add new record for table, default the button add(+) and remove(-) is right side of table.
If the table have big number of column, it’s not convenience. could we setting of make js or css customization, to put that button to the left side of table???

any solution?

Hello Cuong!

This is very possible using the javascript.
The following script is one of the many examples of moving the button to the left of a table:
subtable-gaia th.subtable-operation-gaia, .subtable-gaia td.subtable-operation-gaia {
position: absolute;
margin-left: -###px;

Make sure this script runs upon the events of create, edit, and change.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, guy! I am using CSS customization function with same {position: absolute; left: 0} and using js to fix some small UI bug.


thank you!