Date Field Format

I would like to ask how to change the date field format in table to DD/MM/YYYY.

I have checked the posts below.
Change the Date field format
Customize date formats with Moment.js

However I could not adopt these solution because is not able to be used the field in table.
Is there any ideas to change the date format in table?

Hello Miyuki,

Since you cannot acquire the value of the table in,
you would have to use a different method to change the date format.
It might have to be a customized one by using the DOM operation,
and it also might be necessary to consider operating the table display and non-display.

Using Moment.js and jQuery, I was able to change the date format by using the following code.
※ Assuming that there is only one date field within the table.

(function($) {
“use strict”;“”, function(e) {

$(’’).on(‘click’, function() {
var wEle = document.getElementsByClassName(“subtable-row-content-gaia”)[0];

wEle = wEle.getElementsByClassName(“recordlist-cell-gaia recordlist-date-gaia”)[0];

wEle.innerText = moment(wEle.innerText).format(‘DD/MM/YYYY’);


Hopefully, this solves the issue.


Hello Sean,

I understood how to get elements for table field.
Thank you so much for your reply.