Date format in Related Records

Hello all,

Is it possible to change the date format displayed in a Related Record?  The source app is DateTime, but in an effort to “save” column space, would like only the date (eg. “MM/DD/YY”) displayed in any related records pulled in.

I’ve used moment.js for other apps displayed dates, but not sure if this can be modified to related records.


Hello Ron,


The notation itself can be changed by using the native feature, DATE_FORMAT function.

It’s possible to operate the related records list by setting only the fields for display.

However, the notation will be in “YYYY,” so if you prefer “YY,” you will need to customize it using Luxon.


DATE_FORMAT Function: Displaying Date and Time by Specifying Its Display Format:



(Moment.js is now in maintenance mode. It is advised to use a different JavaScript date and time library instead, such as Luxon.)


Since you can’t directly get the value of the displayed related record list, you’ll have to customize the DOM operation to get the value, convert it with Luxon, and display the converted value.


Hopefully, this helps.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for the reply.  I’ll take a look at what you’ve recommended and follow-up if I run into any issues.