Display data in cell

Is there any way to display data in a cell like photo below
I want to show each value in a separate line. 


Hi Tom,
Is this cell on the Record List page?
And what type of field is the LIST field using, like Text Area field?



Hi Junko Werner

Yes, that cell is on the Record List page.
I want to use  “Text” field to display many data,therefore these data will be displayed in just one line.
but I want them to be displayed one by one, like the photo above.




Hi Tom,

On Record List page, the contents of a multi-selectable field (Check box, Multi-choice, Group selection, User selection, and Attachment) are listed vertically, but others like Text Area field are lined up horizontally. However, when you hover over the field, you can see the contents in the same format as Record Details page.

With Text Area field, you can either create a new “Custom Views” by utilizing DOM or set CSS to adjust the screen on Record List page.

With Custom View, you can make Text Area field appear in a list format, for example, by specifying a new line. However, the current DOM may not work later after any kintone update when the DOM structure changes.

▼ Custom View Tutorial 1

CSS setting might be easier actually and I will show you how my CSS is written as below.

div.line-cell-gaia.recordlist-ellipsis-gaia span{
    white-space: pre-line;
    text-overflow: clip;

This is what  the Text Area field looks like with the above CSS on Record List page.