How to auto resize TextArea field?

I have a table with the field code “customer_table”.

Inside the table, I have a dropdown list box with field code “item_number” and a text area with field code “item_description”.

When “item_number” is changed, I use the “item_number” as a key to look up “item_description”. How do I resize the text area based on the actual text content?


Hello annaylee,


You can most likely achieve it by editing its CSS at the field change event.



The Field Change Events:

Record Create - Field Change Event - app.record.create.change.<>

Record Edit - Field Change Event - app.record.edit.change.<>


Please note that the id/class attributes of each element used in Kintone may be changed without any notice.

The DOM structure may also change without any notice.


I hope this helps.