Transfer data from Text field to Text Area field

Is there a way to transfer entries in a TEXT FIELD to a TEXT AREA FIELD? If so, how can this be done?

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Hi Donna,

May I ask what did you mean by transfer entries? Does that mean transfer the data from one field to another or change the entities of a Text Field to be a Text Area Field.

From what I saw in API docs both process can be added or update via REST API.

Link as follow: Kintone REST API - Kintone Developer Program

For Add the records to app: Add Records - Kintone Developer Program

For Update Form Fields: Update Form Fields - Kintone Developer Program

You can check and try the code in each example.

Hope this can help, Teerayook

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Thank you so much for your prompt response. I was able to do this by exporting my records into an Excel spreadsheet and then importing them back into Kintone and changing the map of the TEXT FIELD into the TEXT AREA FIELD.

Again, thank you!

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Additional notes for future readers:

Change Field Types

CSV or Excel File Export & Import Method

  1. Add the new field type via the form setting screen.
  2. Export the Kintone App data as CSV or Excel file. (Record number, old field, and the new fields are required)
  3. Edit the CSV or Excel file so the data from the old field is included in the new field.
  4. Upload the updated CSV or Excel file and enable “Key to Bulk Update” (set to Record Number)
  5. Confirm the data were copied from the old to the new field.
  6. Delete the old field or place it in a “Field group” field and set it to be hidden (I.e., set up an “Archived” field group.