Exchange data between Kintone Calendar Apps


As I have written in the title, I want to fetch my data to another application calendar. Because my boss wants to see the employee appointment/schedule directly to the calendar to avoid any conflicts when he assigns tasks to employees. The idea is based on Cybozu Task Scheduler, and they want me to do that in Kintone.

Thank you in advance for helping me.

Question / Problem

How do I fetch data from two Kintone Calendar Apps and display it on another Kintone Calendar App?

Current Situation

I have created the following 3 Calendar Apps on Kintone:

Kintone Calendar Apps Purpose Screenshot
Meeting Room Schedule Display each meeting rooms’ schedule
Driver Schedule Display each drivers’ schedule
Task Schedule Display the task schedule to see the team’s progress

Code / Attempts

Share your code and setup

Error Message

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Desired Outcome / Expected Behavior

Goal: Generate a calendar view for each employee (on the Task Schedule App) that shows events from the Meeting Room Schedule App and Driver Schedule App.

I want to fetch data from the two Kintone calendar Apps and display it on another Kintone calendar App directly in order to monitor each employee easily.

I hope that I explained it well, haha. And I hope that you can help me because I’ve been stuck on this problem for about 3 weeks.

Thank you so much sir,

Hello @Jayron_Rosel

Let me first say that you can do this in many ways.

If you are combining two calendars in a different calendar:

You will first need to prepare fields in Task Schedule to place data from Meeting Room Schedule and Driver Schedule.

And then, on the Meeting Room Schedule and Driver Schedule sides, you can use events like Record Create - Save Submit Success Event to send data from Meeting Room Schedule or Driver Schedule to Task Schedule upon successful record saves.

Or you can try to display two calendars in a different app using Custom View. Similar to the one you can do in a dashboard of a portal.

I hope this helps.

Hello Sir,

Can you give a example code or video tutorial for my accurate reference?

Thank you so much