Having trouble installing @Kintone/create-plugin

So I’m new to Kintone and don’t know much.
So I attempted to create a plugin using the npm create-plugin, but the file is too large to import.
How should I go about changing it to make it work?

Hello @Darnell_Alexander ,

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To better help you out, please provide more information such as:

  • Error message you got (Screenshot is OK :ok_hand:)

  • Your development environment (OS, NPM version, & Node version)

I successfully installed the @kintone/create-plugin npm package and successfully created a plugin template on my local machine with the following commands:

npm install -g @kintone/create-plugin
create-kintone-plugin Sample_Plugin

The Sample_Plugin folder took up 116.2 MB on my MacBook running Node 16.16.0.

Learning about @kintone/create-plugin Dev Tool

For more information on @kintone/create-plugin, refer to:

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Development Environment:

  • Windows 10
  • npm version 8.12.1
  • node v18.4.0

But if the sample_plugin is over the 100 MB limit, how do I import it?

Thank you for the screenshot @Darnell_Alexander .

Oh, so you were not having a problem on the terminal side with @kintone/create-plugin dev tool.
Instead, you are unable to upload your plug-in build file to your Kintone Subdomain Kintone. Is this correct?

If this is the case, did you run npm run build when creating the Trim (2).zip file?
What is Trim (2).zip file size?

Thank you. It seems that I had forgotten to run the build command and just zipped the entire folder.