How do I Merge the duplicate records

Hi! I encounter the problem with Client Lists, due to one of my clients have many person in charge, any recommendation to create only one record (One company name) with multiple Person in charge in the record? Thank you in advance for helping

Hello Akkrawat,


I’m not sure if I have a clear picture of the operation of what you are trying to do, but my answer focuses on the following question below,


> any recommendation to create only one record (One company name)

>with multiple Person in charge in the record?


It does not need any customization.


Let’s say you have the following information that you want to manage in a single record.


Company Person in charge

Company A - Mr. A, Mr. B, and Mr. C

Company B - Mr. D and Mr. C


You can register multiple users in a single record in a sub-table by managing the person in charge.



Another way to do this would be to use related records.

Create two apps, one for the person in charge’s master data and one for the company’s master data.


To display Related Records, place the Related Record field and set the app to refer to, fields to associate with, and fields to display in the related records.


Setting Related Records:


Company Master Data

Field for company name

Related records (matching the company name)


Person in Charge Master Data

Lookup (to get the company name from the company master data)

Field for the name of the person in charge


When you open the company master data app, the companies information will be displayed.


Depending on how you are trying to operate, how you design and set the app will be different.

So I can’t say which one is better, but the way I explained above can be done with a standard feature and is the most common way of doing it.


Hopefully, this helps.

Dear Sean Tachibana 

Thank you so much for your help! The sub-table did the job, however, I encounter the problem with project management. Due to Table cannot be fetch with 'Look up field" so any recommendation to display the table over another apps?. Thank you in advance

Hello Akkrawat,

One of the ways I recommend is simply to recreate the same table in another app.
Then when the Lookup field moves, fetch the data from the original app (using the GET Record API) and
input the obtained data in another app accordingly to the original app.

Kintone Developer Program - Get Record

I hope this helps.