How to display multiple fields from a related record

I have a lookup field that finds a related record and displays the chosen field.  How do I display other fields from the selected record.

A Form’s lookup field lets me search for a person by first name. 
How do I also display his last name on the form?


Answer :

  1. Create a new field of the appropriate type (e.g. Number, Text, Time, etc) and give it a name
  2. Edit the Lookup field’s settings and add a “field Mapping” that refers to the field created above.

Example :

  1. Create a text field called “Last Name”
  2. Create a lookup field called “Lookup Person” and edit it’s settings
  3. Select your Person table as the Datasource App
  4. Select the First Name field as the key.  This is the field that you’re searching on.
  5. Under field mappings, select the “Last Name” field created above and map it to your [person]Last Name.  This field becomes read-only and displays the person’s last name



Hello Jeff,

That should do it. If anyone is looking for more information about a lookup field, here’s the page:

Kintone - Setting Lookup