How to hide Status History and changes History on detail records?

Hi Guys,


Is there any way to Hide or set permission for specific user to not be able to see Status History (from Process Management) and changes history on details record?


Hello Yosafat

You can’t hide or set permissions for SPECIFIC USER to not be able to see the Status History.
You can only hide it for all users.

You can hide the history by the following script, but please note that this is modifying the DOM.

(function() {
"use strict";'', function(event) {

document.getElementsByClassName('gaia-app-statusbar-history')[0] = 'none';


Or if you are not gonna use this feature, simply, you can just uncheck the “Track change history of records”
in the Settings|App Settings|Misc Settings (under Advanced Settings); note that this will permanently delete all change history.

I hope this helps.

Hi Yuzo,

Thank you very much for your Helping.

I’ll try with custom from JS with your code.


Thank you.