Is is possible to set a Kintone App public without 3rd party services?

Hi, I’m having difficulty figuring out if this is possible.

My client wanted to send an email and then give a link to that person that will display a form and insert data into a Kintone App, all without the person needing an account.


  1. Send email to Signee (link provided)
  2. The link is a form where they can enter their signature stamp


  1. The person receiving the email does not have a Kintone account.
  2. No 3rd party service used; only use Kintone.

Do you guys think this is possible? If not, why?

Picture Link:

Also, I wanted to display the PDF view of the file chosen from the file chooser element. How can I do that?
I tried copy-pasting the link from the file chooser element and then using it in my iFrame element, but it downloads the pdf itself.

Hello German!

About the form, it’s not possible to display a form to the outside without an account by the default features. It’s either creating your own API or using the third party app such as Form Creator or possibly Zapier.

Regarding the pdf, you can try showing it in a space element using the javascript. Or possibly you can use the box plugin to do so.

I hope this answers your question!

Also, about the Form Creator Integration, it does talk about it (a little) at the following kintone site:

However, since it does not talk that much in depth, you could inquire them about it using the contact page down below:

Hello Yuzo Arai

i’ve use Formcreator already using a trial account. what i have done as of now is that it automatically uses the designs i made in my kintone account and it can enter some data that my form uses. what i wanted to achieve is that the user related to the person on my table should be able to edit the signature stamp.

For example the row which is mine, the signature stamp there should only be editable by me only. but i should not have a kintone account. i can only upload a signature stamp of mine on a different link and view which Formcreator achieved for me but the data insertion is not an editing form but it is a insertion form. That’s why when i use my formcreator is inserts a new record on my kintone app.

This is my form (Data insertion)
I wanted it to be a editing form only with only the uploading of signature stamp from my table showing only and the pdf preview.

Yeah, I understand what you are trying to do.
It looks possible by customizing the Form Creator, but I think it is going to be a pretty difficult task that you need to change the basic API of the Form Creator. I am not fully grasping the available features in the Form Creator so there might be an easy way to do that I probably don’t know. You should try contacting them.

Thank you for your help Yuzo Arai. i’ll contact them as soon as possible.