Unable to use Print Creator Add-on from the Kintone Mobile App

From the mobile Web browser, I can print the record as a PDF using the Output button (highlighted in the first screenshot).

But from the Kintone Mobile App I cannot.

How can I enable the “Output as PDF” function on the Kintone App when I am using from the Mobile App?

Screenshot 1 - Accessing the Kintone App from the mobile Web browser

Screenshot 2 - Accessing the Kintone App from the Kintone Mobile App

Error message: お探しのページは見つかりませんでした
Translation: Page not found

CleanShot 2022-10-06 at 13.30.28

Hello @C_ng_Tr_n_Ng_c ,

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Thank you for reuploading the screenshots.

From the screenshots, I can see that you are trying to use Print Creator Add-on to output a record as a PDF.

Print Creator Add-on’s Help Documentation

Print Creator provides their own help documentation regarding their Add-on:

Print Creator Add-on’s Operating Environment

Print Creator’s Operating Environment specification states that the Add-on is compatible with the following web browsers:

OS Web Browsers
Windows Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
macOS Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Thus, the Print Creator Add-on is not supported on the Kintone Mobile Apps (iOS & Android).

Finally, given that Print Creator is a 3rd party Add-on, I would recommend contacting their support team or Kintone Sales Engineering team for further assistance.

We are happy to help you with development-related questions here on the Kintone Developer Forum.