Plug-in to Create PDF based on User Input


Is there a free Kintone plugin that can generate PDFs based on user input?
I am new to Kintone and am looking for a free plugin that generates and automatically attaches the PDF (based on the record input) to the record itself.

Thank you.

Hello @romel.rada ,

Welcome to the Kintone Developer Forum & thank you for posting your question!

Four “solutions” to your question:

  1. A Kintone partner has a plug-in that fits your needs (Print Creator); however, there is a monthly fee.
  2. Kintone does offer free plug-ins, but only a PDF Preview plug-in is related to PDF files.
  3. It is possible to build your own plug-in using open-source JavaScript libraries that can take in Kintone record data and generate PDFs.
  4. Use No-Code automation tools (ex/ Zapier) to integrate the Kintone App with PDF generators (ex/ PDFMonkey) so PDFs can be easily generated.

I recommend checking out solutions 1 and 4 first.

Here is more information on each solution:

Print Creator Plug-In

Print Creator is a plug-in that allows you to create PDF files and batch print using data in Kintone. You can also customize the PDF file with your own template.

Tutorial going over the plug-in: Generate and Save Custom Forms within the Kintone Record

Pricing (as of writing): $120/month per subdomain

For more information, refer to the Print Creator Add-on - Kintone Exentions page.

PDF Preview Plug-In

Kintone does provide free plug-ins to boost your Kintone Apps.

For the full list of plug-ins, check out Native Kintone Plug-ins page.

One of the free plug-ins is the PDF Preview plug-in which allows you to preview the PDF files within the Kintone record.

For more information, refer to the PDF Preview Plug-in page.

JavaScript Customizations

JS libraries such as pdfmake and jsPDF can take in JSON data and generate PDFs.

Here are related tutorials that can help you get started:

No-Code Integration

Using a No-Code integration tool, such as Zapier, you can build a workflow that exports Kintone record data to a PDF generator, such as PDFMoneky, which in turn returns a PDF file that can be uploaded back into Kintone or emailed to you.

This integration can be done using Zapier’s and PDFMonkey’s free tier accounts.

To get started, check out Connect your Kintone to PDFMonkey integration in 2 minutes - Zapier.

I hope this helps ~


Hi I have implemented using JavaScript.
If you need my help, contact me.
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May I know how to do it? I want to know how to develop your code.

I want to help to generate PDF files from records. Could you help me?