How to print all records in an App as PDF?

Question / Problem

Hello, I want to print the Record Details Screens of all records in my Kintone App as a multi-pdf.

Does anyone have any suggestions or created something similar?

Current Situation

I am trying to use the HTML to PDF function. However, I cannot get the HTML tag of the Printing the Record Details Screen.

Hello @H_Nar,

The add-on we have called Print Creator might be a good fit for you. You can create PDF files and batch print using data in Kintone with Print Creator.

It also lets you quickly create custom PDF forms such as invoices, purchase orders, and certifications, pulling selected data directly from your Kintone applications.

Please refer to the following link to fill out a form to start your free trial.

Kintone - Print Creator:

Could you check this out to see if it can achieve the desired process?