Print Creator Add-on Interface Misbehave?

Print event has been misbehaving since the latest updates.
Is someone also experiencing this issue?
Any help & suggestions are appreciated.

Hello @Paul_TZ ,

Welcome to the Kintone Developer Forum & thank you for posting your question!

Clarifying Questions

Here are a few questions to better help you out:

  1. Are you asking about Print Creator Add-on?
  2. What do you mean by “Print event”?
  3. By “latest updates”, are you referring to Kintone’s October Product Update?

Important Information

In general, please provide important information such as the following when asking for help:

  • Your current situation
  • Your desired outcome
  • What you have tried so far
  • Error message you got (Screenshots are helpful :ok_hand:)


Print Creator Add-on’s Help Documentation

Print Creator provides their own help documentation regarding their Add-on:

Getting Additional Help for Print Creator

Given that Print Creator is a 3rd party Add-on, I would recommend contacting their support team or Kintone Sales Engineering team for further assistance.

We are happy to help you with Kintone developer-related questions here on the Kintone Developer Forum.

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Thank you very much Genji :slightly_smiling_face: I already got the solution