JS Customization to Generate QR Code from Kintone Record Values

JS Customization to Generate QR Codes from Kintone Record Values


This is a quick guide on setting up a Kintone JavaScript customization that generates a QR code from a record value.

The QR code can be generated based on a URL or a text value.

The customization works on both the Kintone desktop and mobile views. (To do this, upload the script under both the JavaScript/CSS Files for PC and JavaScript/CSS Files for Mobile Devices sections of the Kintone App's Customize page.)


QR code API by Foundata GmbH is used to generate the QR code with GET requests.

The following Kintone fields are required for the customization:

QR Code Script

:warning: Note: The following variables must be specified to match the field codes of your Kintone App:

  • inputFieldCode
  • sizeFieldCode
  • outputFieldCode
(function () {
  'use strict';
  // Field codes
  const inputFieldCode = 'input';
  const sizeFieldCode = 'size';
  const outputFieldCode = 'output';
  // Kintone Events when the customization will be triggered
  const QRCodeEvents = ['app.record.detail.show', 'mobile.app.record.detail.show'];

  kintone.events.on(QRCodeEvents, function (event) {
    try {
      const inputValue = event.record[inputFieldCode].value;
      const sizeValue = event.record[sizeFieldCode].value;
      const outputSpace = kintone.app.record.getSpaceElement(outputFieldCode) || kintone.mobile.app.record.getSpaceElement(outputFieldCode);

      // Generate an img element for the QR Code
      const outputImg = document.createElement('img');

      // Set the image source as the GET query for the QR Code API
      outputImg.src = `https://api.qrserver.com/v1/create-qr-code/?size=${sizeValue}x${sizeValue}&data=${inputValue}`;

      // Attach the image to the space element
      return event;
    } catch (error) {
      console.warn("Exception KintoneEventsOn Queue", error);


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