How to generate a QR code using data from a Kintone record?

Hello everyone,

I want to generate a QR code (or Barcode) using data stored in a Kintone record. Ideally, I do not want to use a plug-in. But if there is a free plug-in, please let me know.

I only need to generate 1-2 fields for a user to scan via mobile device.

Thank you in advance

Hello @Teerayook ,

Since you are requesting this QR Code customization to be handled without a plug-in, I wrote up this tip using very simple Javascript customization.

I hope this helps.

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Hello @Genji ,

Thankyou very much for the code. The code that you gave working perfectly as what I what to do with my app. (I also add ‘’ to generate QR for printing process also.)

Thank you again for your help. Teerayook

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