Kintone x Azure Integration

Hello there!
Is there anyone who can help me to integrate Azure function and storage table with Kintone?

Hello @Mpumuro,

If you are referring to Azure Table Storage, then this tutorial is a great starting point to build a Kintone x Azure integration.

Here are also two more tutorials that goes over a Kintone x Azure data exchange:

To better help you out, please provide more information regarding your current situation, question, and desired outcome.

I have tried to referred from that tutorials but during using webhook the notification failed as status how to fix it to post data to azure storage table with from kintone app with webhook

Sorry @Mpumuro, I am a bit confused by your comment.

Did you get an error when following the tutorial instructions?

If so, please tell us the error message and which step you were trying to do.

To better help you out, please answer the following questions:

  • What do you want this Azure x Kintone integration to do?

  • What have you built so far? (Link to a Gist would be very helpful)

  • What errors have you encountered and when?

Alternatively, you may be able to build a webhook-based integration using Zapier:

Additionally, we have Kintone Partners who can help build out Kintone customizations, plug-ins, and integrations to your exact specifications.

error was in webhook where notification failed when tried to use index.js link
and codes failed to run in index.js

Please provide more information for us to help you out.

  1. Are you referring to Back Up Record Data to Azure Storage tutorial?
  2. What error message did you get when you triggered the Kintone Webhook?

1.Yes i am refered to that
2. U save record to kintone then webhook failed to send data to azure storage table

Does this mean you do not get an error message?

Please post screenshots so we can get more information to help you.

I have referred to this Back Up Record Data to Azure Storage tutorial but brings an error on webhook.

Hi Mpumuro,

Thank you for sharing the screenshot.

The Webhook Endpoint on Kintone already has “https://” entered as default.
Could you try and delete the “https//” from the URL you entered and see if the error is resolved?

I hope this helps.

Where could I find the default URL?
Cause I want to integrate Kintone with Azure function.

Hi Mpumuro,

I was referring to the URL in the screenshot you sent us.
Under “Webhook Endpoint,” please reenter the URL without the “https://,” since it is entered with two https://'s.

https://https://gmssample… → https://gmssample

You can reach the page from Product DB > Settings > Webhooks.

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Hi Genji,

The error regarding webhook notification is solved thanks to the solution posted above.

But I now face another problem when I try to use the code from the reference link.
My screenshot with the error is below.
Please help me identify why this code gets an error when executed.


Hi Mpumuro,

From the screenshot, I am assuming you are getting this error because “$id” is not being referenced correctly.

At this moment, I can’t determine if this is related to the “500” error or not.

I’m not sure if it is possible because I cannot test the process on my end, but it is possible that the process is working only on the Azure side.

Are you performing the process by adding records on the kintone app with Webhook set up?

Also, check if the process on the Azure side can be stopped after placing a breakpoint on the Azure side and adding a record in the kintone app.

If it is possible to stop the process, please check if the Webhook notification information is included in the data.

You might be able to find something if you click on “Input” on the screen of the screenshot you provided.

If the webhook notification information is not included in the data, the “$id” information is not referenced, and there is a possibility that something is missing from the configuration.

I hope this helps.

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