KViewer - How to only show certain options for the Sign section?

I have recently been helping out with a database and public-facing view hosted in Kintone and delivered using kViewer.

The main question is, how might we only show certain options for the Sign section?

An example of what we are trying to accomplish is if an individual is trying to search by city, we would like the default Sign to be “Contains the keyword” as this is the only option that functions properly, and the other options we would like to either not show or still be there just not the default.

Also, is there a way to exclude certain options from the dropdown in the Value box?

Like we want them to be able to choose from 4-5 as the options in the database have a lot of overlap, and the end user might not know the terminology.

Any suggestions or tips you can offer are greatly appreciated! Or even if someone has some documentation on these systems for me to go through, that would be great.

Hello @rjoel ,

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I am a bit confused by the “Sign section” and “Value box”.

  • By “Sign section”, are you referring to kViewer’s filtering conditions options?
  • By “Value box”, are you referring to kViewer’s filtering conditions search input filed?

Screenshots of your kViewer settings and Kintone App settings would be very helpful ~

kViewer’s Search Form Feature

kViewer has a Search Form feature (検索フォーム in Japanese) that allows you to add a search bar and record filters.

Depending on your needs, there are four options to add a Search Form on your kViewer page.

But it sounds like the まとめて検索 / Search Bar best fits your needs as you can specify the filtering condition (or the “Sign section”) to be “Contains the keyword”.

Original Japanese English Translation Use Case
1. kintone風フォーム Kintone Style Form Add a records filter feature similar to Kintone’s Filter Records view
2. 固定フォーム Fixed Form Add pre-specified record filters
3. リンクリスト Link List Add a list of categories that are based on pre-specified record filters
4. まとめて検索 Search All Add a search bar that allows users to freely input & have it compare against multiple fields

For more information on the kViewer’s Search Form Feature, check out the 検索フォームとは - kViewer 操作ガイド article.

For more information → kViewer’s Japanese Help Site

Although in Japanese, kViewer’s help site and user guide may be useful:

I could easily translate the contents on either site to English using Google Chrome’s translation feature.

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