Multiple choice button that reveals/hides sections when chosen

As the title says, I am looking for a way to have options reveal/hide based on user selection.

For example, if the user pushes option 1, it reveals follow-up questions that are different than if they had selected option 2.

A solution using a Radio button field or a Multi-choice field would both work fine.

I saw this link Show, Hide, or Restrict Fields tutorial but don’t understand where to paste the provided code to make it run.

Hello @mmenke

Kintone does have a native plug-in called Conditional Display, which might be perfect for your case.

You can find other native plug-ins here:

Regarding how to install and use plug-ins, please check the following articles:

For your reference, if you would like to customize your Kintone using Javascript, like the one you saw about the Show, Hide, or Restrict Fields tutorial, the following is the best place to start learning about it. It also explains where and how to attach Javascript files to Kintone apps.

I hope this helps