Show/Hide Choice Fields

I’ve been looking at the sample code under “Show, Hide, or Restrict Fields”, but I’m a little confused. The samples list the fields to be shown or hidden as different field types, but mine are all the same field types. I have a multi-choice checkbox field and I want to show or hide three other multi-choice checkbox fields based on the selections of the first. Can anyone direct me on how to do that?




Hello Leslie!

I assume that you’re looking at the following page:

If it is, the field type could be the same.
The page is just showing that it could be done with other field types too.
With that being said, you simply need to adjust the field code and the if/else statement part in the sample code.

I hope this helps.

Thank you. Would I save the code as a .js file and upload it to the “System-Wide JavaScript Customization” page? Do I need to somehow indicate which of my apps it’s for?


You should save it as a .js file and upload it per App

Keep us updated so we can help you out!