Comparison Statement


I am working on a purchase approval app and need the following functionality.

  1. In the process- an assignee can select a vendor among the options stated by the creator and then the form routes ahead with the vendor chosen.

  2. A comparison sheet that lists down the vendors through a look up, and a field that when new vendor record is created updates that info in the vendor app.(linked already)

  3. The form in the app is dynamic enough that it lists down the info related to the input (pre-filled), when the form is created in the initial stage.


Hello Arvind,

I’m still testing out, but about 1. that you mentioned, you could use the show and hide field code; you could show and hide fields depending on the choice that users made.
There are few articles about this so you should use these to apply it to your case:

Kintone Developer Program - Show and hide fields using checkboxes

Kintone Developer Program - Show and hide fields on a questionnaire

I will keep on looking into 2. and  3. 

Hello Arvind,

Could you elaborate on 2. and 3. of what you’re trying to do?

Thank you