How to auto select options on fields when a certain option is being selected?

Hi everyone, I would like to know is there any way to use JS to automate my form filling? Example, I have created a form to do a survey on students studying from home, so when I would start off with a field that will ask whether they are a student studying from home or not, if the option is no, it will auto fill up the rest of the form as “-” and I can just save the form afterwards. Thank you very much!

Hello Derrick,


I think our native plug-in called “Conditional Display” could help you out in this case.

It displays or hides fields depending on the condition of other fields. It can also activate or disable fields.


The form setting example would be like,


A drop-down, multi-choice, or a radio button field with a question "Where do you study from?/Do you study from home?

(this would be the “condition”)


Then to configure the “output,” select the fields you would like to display “-” when users select the option “no,” or to hide any fields you wish.

Please check and download the plug-in from below and see if that works for you,


Adding/Deleting Plug-Ins (System Administration):


Adding/Deleting Plug-Ins (App Settings):


Conditional Display Plug-in:


Hopefully, it helps.