Localized language http api request response

It looks like that, response message from kintone rest api localize language someway

when i tried to send a request the message that i received was English but my another colleague who works in another country (he’s working in Japan) received Japanese message even if we 've used a common kintone app and a shared account.

i tried to change some localize setting in kintone config but everything’s still consistent.

What i’m curious is that is there any way to change language of rest api response message as my desire

Thank you!


kintone checks a number of conditions before determining what language to send the error message in.

If you are using password authentication for calling the REST APIs, kintone will check the language settings of the user.
If the language settings is English, the error response will be in English. If Japanese, then the error in Japanese, and the same goes for Chinese. If the language settings is set to “Use Web Browser Settings”, kintone will check the language that is set in the System Language settings. This setting can be found in the Admin console, https://{yourdomainname}.kintone.com/admin/localization . If the language set here is English, then an English error message will be returned.

If you are using API tokens for the authentication, then kintone should directly check the language set in the System Language settings.