Problem mapping files with multiple Attachment fields using Make/Integromat

In Make (formerly Integromat), the Attachment fields have the following settings:
Add Attachment with Yes, No, and Empty as the options.

Once you select Yes, you add the filekey, and it works.

Well, it worked until I added a 2nd Attachment field.
(I will be adding many more once I figure out this issue.)

The problem is, with two fields, if I choose Yes for Attachment field 1, then Make automatically sets Attachment field 2 to Yes as well.

The files for these fields are updated in separate scenarios at different times with different triggers.

Why are they synched like this in Make?
Is there a way that I can send data to only one Attachment field and not the other?

I tried setting the unneeded field to Ignore and Null. But that doesn’t work either.

Hello @Larah_Ritchie ,

I’m not sure how Kintone and Make (Integromat) integrate, but it looks similar to Zapier.

I want to recreate the issue, so could you be more specific in how you set up the scenario in Make?

I just created an account for Make, but there seem to be other settings besides connecting to the Kintone domain.

Thank you