Re-Order Apps in Space

Hey Everyone,


This seems like it should be a super-basic thing and that I’m missing something. I have a bunch of apps in my space and want to reorder / sort the apps in the app menu. 


I’ve put numbers next to the apps to reflect the order I’d like them in (based on how frequently they’ll be used, with most frequent at the top) :

I know I can clone the app and it’ll pop to the top, but there are so many connections (lookups, related records, etc.) between these apps that it’s highly impractical to do so. Anyone have any ideas on how to sort / reorder the apps here by anything other than app #?

Hi Meg,


I use "Favorite App” list to show what I frequently use on the portal. The app on my space can be seen from my portal also by registering the app with "Favorite App”. "Favorite App” list can be found under Apps on the portal and choose "Favorite App” by clicking the down arrow.

What you have to do is just click  the “pin”  pin  icon on the right upper corner on any app to add this app to the "Favorite App” list on the portal Home page. Click “Pin” unpin  to remove it.


"Favorite App” is placed in descending order registered to the favorite, and it is possible to rearrange by registering and removing it.


The following link also explains "Favorite App” as the second feature on the list.


▼ Using App

[]( support help/clf.x?c=1526063306928&mode= ALL &s=xqZIvTtskRYdTMCgwkJ5tZWsBF1XSf6aB3OGWVJKF6NHg8lFbEwXLQLrkyro31AOf0bNtpGpWI4xN0MhPak-zO2iiXnsLx-THlr-rtIPQwHV6jv9q09dUHPGBqO7hgf89-En8KRW5miu990RjO1eja5frdqx4wv6&v=1526063295645)


FYI,  on “All Apps” list, the apps are placed in descending order of the app creation time.




Hey Junko, 


Thanks for the reply! I’m looking to reorder space-specific apps within that space, not in the portal / main page (sorry if that wasn’t clear). Favorite-ing isn’t going to cut it in this case, unless there’s a way to favorite space apps?

Hello Meg

As you may already know, you cannot reorder apps (including apps within space) with the basic kintone function so I would also just suggest using “Favorite” or possibly “Related Apps & Spaces”. However, if that is not the thing, you can “try” to customize it using javascript, but unfortunately, the space is not suited for javascript customization (since space does not have its own event or element).

Or maybe, it might be tedious, but you can manually list the apps in the announcement of the space.