The easiest way to integrate Kintone with Google Suite

Is there any existing integrations or connectors that bridge the gap between Kintone and Google Suite? Please provide some tutorials. Thank you.

Hello @mlacson

Based on my experience, although there are several options available, I find Zapier to be a particularly straightforward solution for integrating Kintone with other software. Notably, Zapier supports integration with various Google Suite applications, including Google Calendar and Google Sheets, among others.

Also, Zapier offers a free version to some extent is an added advantage, allowing for personal testing and exploration of its capabilities.

I hope this recommendation serves you well.

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Adding to Chris' answer.

Here is a tutorial for connecting Kintone with Gmail using Zapier:
Send Purchase Order Confirmation Emails from Records

There is also a tutorial for connecting Google Form using GAS:
Post Google Forms Responses into Kintone

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