Google Spreadsheet for Invoice

Hi Everyone,

May I know if you have a tutorial on how to connect/intergrate Google spreadsheet for making Invoice?

Thanks in advance for the help. 

Hello Muhaymin,


I did not specifically find a tutorial on how to connect/integrate google sheets to kintone, but I have found a website that is recommended by kintone called Zapier.
Zapier is an extension for you to try out and to connect the apps and to automate workflows.
Please take a look.


  1. You choose a trigger - pick an event in an app that starts your Zap

  2. Choose an action - An action pulls the data from your other app(s) to complete a task on your behalf.

  3. Each time your Zap runs, it automatically and securely sends information from one app to another.

Also, I have attached a link for a page where you can sign up using your Google account and check to see different types of triggers & actions it has and as well as a step by step instruction on how google sheets and kintone integration works.

Google Sheets + Kintone Integrations:


Hopefully, this answers your question.

Thanks for the help Sean