Using Postman to check API's first time

I have used postman before and haven’t had this issue thus far but that doesn’t mean I’m an expert. That being said I have went to my Kintone Admin site > System Administration>Integrations and created a OAuth Client called Postman Test. I have copied and pasted the info that was generated there and set allowed users. To my admin account for this kintone domain. I then, in postman, used the following GET URL : . and under authorization I selected OAuth 2.0 under Authorization tab. Then I selected Get New Access Token and input the data from Kintone into this area. Under token name I used the same thing I wrote in Kintone “Postman Test” , grant type: Authorization Code, Callback URL I used the redirect Endpoint URL (from kintone site), the auth URL I used the Authorization Endpoint URL, the Access Token URL I used the Token Endpoint URL, obviously the Client ID and Secret I did a direct copy and paste and that is it. When I select request token it came up and asked me for my username and password for Kintone which I used the allowed user account I set previously and then I get the following error on my results page :


    “code”: “CB_JH01”,

    “id”: “4SPxH1RT01L3HPoXyM3q”,

    “message”: “Authentication failed. X-Requested-With header is required for session authentication.”



Any help in getting moving forward would be much appreciated!



Hello Tyler,


I know that CB_JH01 occurs when you incorrectly defined the X-Requested-With in some way. However, from the given info, I’m not quite sure the actual cause.


I suppose you used the following Kintone article to set it up, but can you look at it again to see if there is an error in the settings?β-


If the problem persists, can you send me screenshots of the settings and the codes, if that’s possible?


Best regards,