Configure Parallel Process flow

I am using the process management in the data base app. And I need to set up a monthly recurring process flow but currently fails.

My compromised approach is : A->B->C->D->A as a loop.

However, I want:

A-> B->C->D

                               > G-H->I->A


Can anyone share a tutorial or experience regrading this matter?

Hello Amber,

I understand that you’re trying to create a process flow.
However, I’m sorry, but I’m not quite understanding the flow that you are trying to make.
Can you elaborate the flow little bit more?

Thank you


The work flow should start with task A, then task B. 

after that,  task c & d go parellel with task e & f;

if d & f are both completed, then it is task G, H, I;

after that, it’s cycled back to task a.

Hello Amber,

Thank you for elaborating.
I feel like you could make task c-f into something like multi-choice field so you could make a flow where, let’s say when you complete task C or E, you select the corresponding task in the multi-choice field. When only both tasks C & E are completed and selected from the multi-choice field, you can proceed to your next process, task D & F (Until you complete both tasks C & E and select them from the multi-choice field, you can’t proceed to the next process) And just repeat the same thing in tasks D & F.

I hope this helps!