How to make record repeat every every certain time (every weeks, months, and etc)?

I create an app for schedule on Kintone, but the date is still limited for what we input, it can’t be repeated.

Hello Kumis

I’m not entirely understanding what you’re trying to do here, but are you trying to create a recurring record (like in google calendar)?

Yes, I am trying to create a recurring record like in Google Calendar or Microsoft Teams in Kintone. How to make a record in Kintone repeat every certain time via JavaScript? Is there a way to make a recurring record in Kintone?

I kindly need your help. Thank you in advance, Chris.

Hello Kumis,

The customization using Javascript in Kintone can be operated only when certain Kintone pages are displayed in a web browser.

Therefore, creating a timer process and adding a process that would post data to records while the Kintone page is constantly displayed in a web browser doesn’t seem practical.

It might be better to use Zapier, which can integrate Kintone with other services, such as google calendar, to accomplish what you want to do.

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