Why am I unable to use a Lookup field from a non-administrator account?

Question / Problem

Is it possible to edit Lookup fields on non-administrator accounts?

Current Situation

I'm trying to edit permission on fields, but nothing happened.

Code / Attempts


Error Message


Desired Outcome / Expected Behavior

On administrator account On non-administrator account

Referenced Resources

Hello @Jayron_Rosel , thank you for posting your question!

Thank you for including the screenshots; they were helpful ~

My Assumptions

I will be making the following assumptions. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Non-administrator account

  • A regular Kintone user account
  • Does NOT have administrator permission for the "Equipment Management" or the "Employee Name" App.

Administrator account

  • The Kintone Subdomain's administrator.
  • The account has full access and all app permissions to both "Equipment Management" & "Employee Name" Apps.

My Guess

I believe the issue is that the non-administrator does not have the View records permission to the "Employee Name" App.

This means that the non-administrator cannot view the records in the "Employee Name" App and, therefore, cannot trigger the Lookup field to display the "Employee Name" App's records.


If my guess is correct, then the solution is to grant the non-administrator the View records permission to the "Employee Name" App.

For more information, refer to the Configuring Permissions for App - Kintone Help article.