Field Types in Kintone

List of Field Types in Kintone

Here is a table of all the field types available in a Kintone App with their corresponding help documentation and related forum posts.

Category Field Type's Help Doc Related Forum Posts
Fields for Text
Text text-field tag
Text area text-area-field tag
Rich text rich-field tag
Number number-field tag
Fields for Calculations
Calculated calculated-field tag
Fields for Options
Radio Button radio-button-field tag
Check box check-box-field tag
Multi-choice multi-choice-field tag
Drop-down drop-down-field tag
Fields for Kintone Account Information
User selection user-selection-field tag
Department selection department-selection-field tag
Group selection group-selection-field tag
Fields for Date and Time
Date date-field tag
Time time-field tag
Date and time date-and-time-field tag
Fields for URLs, Phone numbers, & Emails
Link link-field tag
Fields for Attaching Files
Attachment attachment-field tag
Fields for Creating a Table
Table table-field tag
Fields for Enabling App Integrations
Lookup lookup-field tag
Related records related-records-field tag
Fields for Form Formatting
Label label-field tag
Blank Space space-field tag
Border border-field tag
Field Groups field-groups-field tag
Fields for Displaying Record Details
Record number record-number-field tag
Created by created-by-field tag
Created datetime created-datetime-field tag
Updated by updated-by-field tag
Updated datetime updated-datetime-field tag