Format Imported File Fields as Percentage

I’m trying to import a spreadsheet from Excel, and one of the columns contains percentage. Kintone imports these fields as a decimal numbers (30% becomes 0.3), and I can’t find a way to reformat the field as a percentage. Is there a procedure, plugin, or any kind of Javascript that can be added to the app to format the field as a percentage?


Hello Christopher,

I think you are using Excel’s cell formatting to display percentages.

In the case of the example, in the cell, the number of 0.3 itself is entered, so I think that is why kintone takes in 0.3.

There seems to be no specific code for this.

I am not even sure whether the values converted in Excel can be used in external products.


However, if it is Excel, next to the row of the value, if you add a blank row, I think it is possible to calculate the value of numerical value × 100.

Also, I think it’s faster that way.


Could you check and see if you can work this on the Excel side?