How to make the data field that is returned from a lookup editable?

On the Detail Edit page, I have a lookup field to the customer app to retrieve the customer name. 

How to make the customer name field “customer_name” editable?


Hi annaylee,

As the details of this app are a bit vague, could you check and see if utilizing the field mappings in a lookup field to manipulate other fields using app.record.create.change.<> (or app.record.edit.change.<>) would help you achieve the desired process?

More details about this can be found from the following post;

Fields That Can Be Specified for “Field Mappings”:

Please correct me if I have a different understanding.

Hopefully, this helps.

Hi Sean,

I am talking about how to enable the field that is returned from a lookup editable.

All the data fields that are returned from a lookup are grayed out and can’t be edited.

The customer_name is returned from the lookup. But the field is grayed out and I can’t edit it.

How to make the field editable?


Hi annaylee,

I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Could you try and see if the sample code below works for you?

Please save with UTF-8 encoding.

    'use strict';['', ''], function(event){
    event.record["customer_name"].disabled = false;
    return event;

Hopefully, this helps.