Where to get the moment.js file?

Can someone redirect me to the moment.js file?

I keep getting the following error and think the file was corrupted or updated, and I need to reinstall it.

I was not the one who put it on there originally, and I am not sure where they got it from other than a JS Library in Kintone.


Error Message:

⚠️ DevTools failed to load source map:
Could not load content for https://SUBDOMAIN.kintone.com/k/api/plugin/content/moment.min.js.map:
HTTP error: status code 404,

Hello @Caneel1 ,


Sounds like you want the Kintone CDN link for Moment.js JavaScript Library.

We have all of our Moment.js JavaScript Library information here:

Current CDN links are the following:

  • https://js.kintone.com/momentjs/2.29.4/moment.min.js

  • https://js.kintone.com/momentjs/2.29.4/moment-with-locales.min.js


However, since that Moment.js is now in maintenance mode, we suggest switching over to a different JavaScript date and time library instead, such as Luxon.

Check out the Luxon section for the latest CDN link here:

Current CDN links are the following:

  • https://js.kintone.com/luxon/3.0.1/luxon.min.js

Hope this was helpful!

If you have additional questions, please let me know ~

Thank you very much!!!